Arkyn, Rekindler of the Wyldewood

Name: Arkyn
Title: Rekindler of the Wyldewood
Weapon: Arborim Staff
Realm: The Wyldwood
Main City: Moon Wood
Personality: Patient, Wise, Compassionate
Age: 983 Rotations

Arkyn, Rekindler of the Wyldewood, Wielder of the Arborim Staff

Living deep within the most feral of woods the oldest and wisest of the 6 Champions lives.  He protects all who live within his realm, as is his calling, but like a few of the other bulls Arkyn traded bone and sinew for the only other thing he loved more than Rhyzak - the forest.  

Arkyn is the oldest and one of the original Champions of Adazhyreon.  The younger Champions feel it is time for the wandering bull to pass on his mantle but the seed located in his forehead isn’t ready.  Only when it is will he make the trek to the hidden Grove, his body becoming petrified wood, as the seed falls to the earth and a new Champion is born.

The Arborim Staff is as old as its Master and feral much like the Wyldwood itself. Rhyzak created the staff from a tree that he often sat under.  So imbued was the tree from the countless years of absorbing the God's powers and emotions that it gave Rhyzak a splinter.  From the splinter Rhyzak nurtured his companion until the splinter took root.

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