LegionsCon 2022!

Come take a look at what will be available for sale ONLINE and at the TABLE for LegionsCon 2022.

LegionsCon 2022 Shop
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LadyTank Studios: War Harnesses and Aprons-Troll Edition

Time to kit out some of the largest figures in Mythic Legions by Four Horsemen Studios!

War Harnesses and Aprons

Introducing: Team TankTour!

LadyTank Studios (Melissa Somerville and Kaitlyn Goodall) team up with DTour Customs (Stephan Delatour) to create a nod to an older Four Horsemen Studios line, 7th Kingdom!

Team TankTour
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Tosty Cosplay

Felicia Tost (pronounced Toast) answered the call and made LadyTank Studios a beautiful 1:1 Eathyron Helm!

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