Colborn, Pharous of the Embers

Name: Colborn
Title: Pharous of the Embers
Weapon: Hammer “Fornax”
Realm: The Burned Lands
Main City: Ember Heart

Personality: Wild, Short Tempered, Risk Taker
Age: 250 Rotations

Colborn, Pharous of the Embers, Wielder of the Fornax Hammer

The Pharous of Ember’s quick temper is as fiery as the realm he protects. Some of the older bulls may see him as a show-off due to the many risks he takes, but he will always do what it takes to complete the tasks set before him. Colborn may be the youngest and most wild of the Champions but he is deeply loyal to Rhyzak and those he protects. He takes pleasure in trying to break the frigid facade of Torkin, his good friend. One day he hopes to finally see what “fun” is for the Ice Bull.

Colborn wields the weapon known as the Fornax Hammer. This hammer is said to have come deep from within the bowels of the earth where the fire burns the brightest and the heat is so severe that it melts flesh from bone. When used, this hammer produces sparks and the same heat from where the hammer was born. It takes one with a fiery and strong will to wield a weapon of such intensity and wild nature. The power of fire is strong and dangerous but also is unpredictable. Its wielder will burn out long before the fires ever will.

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