Chapter 1: Creation of Adazhyreon

Chapter 1: Creation of Adazhyreon

The world of Adazhyreon was created by the blood of a god being spilt during the War of the Ten.  At least that was how it was told to me many, many years ago.

What was the War of the Ten, you ask?  Come.  Sit by the fire with me and let me pass on to you the histories of our world.  

In the beginning Ten Gods ruled in the heavens long before the creation of our world.  Each God had their own role to play in governance and creation.  There was balance and peace. As the ages passed balance gave way to jealousy until the Ten became divided.  Five wishing for balance as their five equal counterparts demanded chaos. So began the century long War of the Ten until only two remained.

One of Darkness and One of Light.  

The two great beings fought through the blood stained Heavens until each landed what they hoped would be a fatal blow against the other.  Both gods fell as a silence, not heard in over a century, befell the battlegrounds.  Slowly and painfully the being of light, our god Rhyzak, rose victorious.  At least it should have been.  

Rhyzak stood on the edge of his home looking at the destruction left behind.  Blood from his wound fell to the earth below as he began a haunting lament of the loss of his brethren.  Of his home.

He sang a song for each of the nine lives lost.  As Rhyzak sang the blood that had fallen to the earth began to form the six different realms that would make our world.

After his songs exhaustion finally set in as Rhyzak fell from the heavens to the world below.  He landed in the first realm, The Infinite. 

Give me a moment to stoke the fire and drink some tea, my friend.  Then I will continue our lesson...

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