Chapter 2: The First Realm, The Infinite

So where was I?  Ah yes, the creation of the first realm.  Rhyzak had fallen to earth after the War of the Ten had concluded.

It was in that realm that Rhyzak's sorrow saturated the ground beneath his hooves.  The gods' heart was so broken and lost that as he aimlessly wandered for hundreds of years his horns created deep furrows in the land creating what we know as the Eternal Labyrinth.

At its center is Ebon Hollow, the capital city of the Infinite, where the first Champion would be birthed. 

To understand how the first Champion was created we need to discuss the consequence of only having One of the Ten. 

Rhyzak sang his songs for his brothers and sisters but in doing so he absorbed each of their essence.  As a being of light and balance, the four other similar essence were easily carried but those he fought against?  His body was in constant rejection of his counterparts as Rhyzak was not a being of darkness and chaos.  As he moved through the Infinite he would eventually succumb to darkness through his decades of grief.  

That grief would manifest itself as the first Champion. 

For days Rhyzak writhed in agony as his sorrow and the dark essence inside of him fought for control, fueled by despair.  Upon the 9th day Rhyzak's body could no longer hold within it the darkness.  He vomited out a thick tar-like substance where he lay.  The tar began to bubble and move as it took shape as it formed the first Champion. 

Must I really discuss this?  It has nearly been long forgotten as the Infinite is the oldest of the six realms sustained by the current Champion NyxTerra Extamancer of the Ebon Hollow and wielder of the scythe named Erebos.

You really must know?  As you wish but perhaps a little later?  I have a bad taste in my mouth.... be continued.

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