Sale 12/18 - 01/03

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!

I love seeing everyone get the Four Horsemen's Brontus and Ice Trolls!  It is safe to say we love trolls here at LadyTank Studios :) 

To celebrate we will have all of our #trolware on sale.

Make sure to use BOTH these codes (if they apply to you) when checking out!

  • FREESHIPPING - for free shipping on orders over $100
  • Contributor - IF you contributed to LTS or Team TankTours' projects use that code AS WELL at checkout.  If you are a contributor (I have a list) and it's not working for you please DM on facebook or instagram for me to add the code to your store account.  That is very important!

So keep your trolls looking good this holiday season!  All the seasons! :D

Yes Troll shoulders are coming.  Sorry for the delay as RSV hit the LadyTank Studios house hard.  Anyone who orders any #trolware will get a special discount when the troll shoulders hit in the next couple of weeks!

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